The Seven is complete!

I’ve finally finished my latest song, “The Seven”.  I started working on this about 10 months ago… always in my spare time.  For about 3-4 months in there, however, I left it alone and didn’t do any work on it.  I finally picked it up again and finished it, and I’m very happy with the results!

I actually wrote the song back in 1987 during my first semester in college.  I went away to school, and while there I got a job transcribing the Music Director’s hand-written scores onto a computer.  The computer was an original Macintosh, and it had Mark of the Unicorn’s Sequencer and Publisher programs on it.  Sequencer was a MIDI sequencer, and Publisher was a musical notation word processor.  The computer was also connected via a MIDI interface to several synths: 1 Yamaha DX-7, 8 Yamaha TX7 (as a TX-816), and my very own Yamaha DX-21.  I wrote this song, plus about 4 others, down in that lab over that semester.  While that recording sounded good, this version is far, far superior.

I’m not sure what is next.  Right before graduating High School, I composed a piece for symphonic band.  I wrote the complete score and also created the sheet music for each instrument – all by hand on pencil and paper.  On the last day of class the band played it, so I got to actually hear what I wrote.  I have since lost the music, but I have it in my head and recorded a short variation of it many years ago.  I may re-compose that piece… it actually should probably be done as multiple related parts or “movements”.

Anyway, if you would like to hear “The Seven” then leave a comment and I’ll email you a link to the MP3.  I want to see about actually publishing it on an independent label, so I don’t want to publicly upload the track just yet… but if I know who you are, I’ll be more than happy to share the pre-release with you!



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