One of my M-audio BX-5 studio monitors developed a hissing sound. Looks like one of the big capacitors blew. Pretty easy fix. $3 is better than $300!

In other news, I’m upgrading my DAW software to Sonar X1 Producer!  Very excited about that.  I was using Sonar 6 Studio, but a virus hit my system and I had to re-install the operating system, and lost my install CDs for Sonar.  The upgrade was extremely affordable with my “invitation only” loyal customer discounts.

I’m fixing/upgrading my music system because I’ve been in touch with a very talented music production duo out of Sweeden who really liked my song “Never” and have agreed to produce their own remix/version of the song.  Early ideas sound very promising!  I’ll provide more information later when the project progresses.  But first I have to get them a remix pack, and to do that I need my DAW… hence the X1 upgrade.


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