Studio and new work updates

Howdy folks!

I’m in the process of adding a little gear to the studio.  A friend gave me two computers, which I am going to set up as slave machines to my main music workstation computer.  Using software such as VEPro, I can then use all three computers as if they were one, greatly expanding the capabilities of my studio.  With this, I hope to start doing some work with orchestral compositions and larger and more exciting pieces.  My hope is that by next summer that I’ll have another album ready!


In the meantime, I’m trying to get more active with my Facebook music page and I’ve started a mailing list for fans to get exposure to new music.  I’m also thinking of starting a Patreon page where fans can support my efforts with a very low monthly subscription, so that I can offset some of the costs of my studio.  For me this is a hobby, and I love doing it, and I love sharing it with people… but it does take money, and I ain’t rich!

Anyway, I have a new song done as well, which I will share with mailing list members.  If you sign up, you can get access to the new song.  There’s a sign up form at



Life Is Something

Well, the album is done and released to the public.

I had 20 CD’s made and shipped to me.  I sent 5 of them to the warehouse for online orders, and of the other 15 I have directly sold 13 to friends.  I kept one, and gave one to Christy (the collaborator on one of the tracks).  The album is available on almost all online outlets.  So far, only one digital download has sold.  Well, I suppose I should be patient.

I’ve kept up promoting the album myself via my Twitter and Facebook accounts.  I created a mailing list which has 10 subscribers.  I did not do this album release in order to really make any money, but I’d need about 80 album sales to break even on the publication/production costs.  Maybe someday it will hit that number 🙂

Anyway, I’ve created a first version of a new song, part of which is on my Soundcloud account.  I need to do a little more work on it, then I’m going to send it to all my email list subscribers.  I’ve decided to keep going and probably release another album of all new music sometime next year.  This new song will be on there, but will be updated.  I hope to do more collaborations with vocalists and hopefully a guitarist or two as well.

Please go check out my website for the album details and links to listen/buy:

And let me know what you think of the music!

Album Promotion

The album is done, all tracks are finished and mastering is complete.  I’ve uploaded the tracks to my publisher, and as soon as the artwork comes in I will be finalizing the release and ordering the physical CDs.  The digital distribution will happen very shortly after the artwork is in.

For now, go here to hear a preview of the album, and please visit the website for the album and sign up for updates!

Album Announcement

Ok, a few weeks ago I realized I had enough songs that I thought were “okay” enough to put together in an album.  So I went to the Internet to see what it would take to publish a real CD, and it is surprisingly easy!

Well, not easy… but not all that hard either.  Not expensive, but not cheap; I think it’ll cost me about $600 to get everything done and be published.  That includes:

  • UPC codes
  • IRSC codes
  • Album artwork
  • Professional mastering
  • Publishing administration
  • Performing Rights Organization registration
  • Song registration
  • Gracenote registration (CDDB database)
  • Copyright registration
  • Royalties collection
  • Digital distribution (iTunes, Google Play, Pandora, etc.)
  • Register for sync licensing (when people use your music as background in their videos, etc.)

… and more I probably don’t even know yet.

Most of this is done through the publishing administrator, and I’m going to use CD Baby.  They will also do the physical CD manufacturing.

The title of the album is “Life Is Something”.   Here’s the track list:

  • Life Is Something
  • Never
  • Il Cuore Dell’Amore
  • Little Rain Song
  • The Seven
  • Majestic Mind
  • More
  • Riamáre
  • Beautiful Lonely One
  • Dark Streets

Most of these have older versions on my Soundcloud account.  Almost all of them have been updated or enhanced, and all of them will be professionally mastered.

“Beautiful Lonely One” is co-written by me and Christy Smith (my stepdaughter), who is a fantastic lyricist and vocalist.  I’m very excited to get to bring her voice to the world.  This is the only song with vocals, and I think it came out very good, and look forward to doing more.

I’ll make more announcements as things progress towards a release date.  I’m thinking in about 2-3 weeks it may be all ready… depends more on the mastering.

For now, here’s a little sampler… enjoy!

Are you scared of the dark?

About nine months ago I started messing around with a new track.  As I started, I thought “I’ll make an electronic dance track”.  Electronic Dance Music, or EDM, is very very popular right now, and while it’s not easy to write, it is not that hard to get something that sounds OK.

So I started this piece, and as usual with stuff I do, it took its own direction.  It starts out sounding like it may be a normal EDM track, but I started experimenting with a lot of different sounds, and it got kinda… weird.

Anyway, a little over halfway through it sounds like a really good hard club dance “banger”… then it gets weird again and has a nice finish.  I really kinda like it.

So, this is as finished as its going to get for the time being.  Please, enjoy “Dark Streets”:

New work and Vocals!

I finally started working on ideas based on a piece I wrote back in the mid-late ’80s, while in high-school.  I actually did compose a piece for the symphonic band, which they played for me for a couple of days at the end of the school year – that was very cool.  It was based on a piano piece that I’d been tinkering on for a while.  In the years since then, I’ve imagined it many ways, and it has evolved into a combination of a slow orchestral piece with transitions in and out of a faster jamming part.  I just started working on it in my studio in earnest, and I like where it’s going.  It’s going to have vocals!

So, my daughter Christy is a fabulous singer.  She could be a professional, but she’d rather be a wife and mom – nothing wrong with that!  But she’s written lyrics and a melody to go with the track Beautiful Lonely One that I put out late last year.  The lyrics and the melody are fantastic, so I definitely want to update the music and get her vocals recorded with it.

Also, the vocals for my new stuff really seem to want an operatic style female vocal.  I also think that it needs lyrics that are in Italian.  So, since I’m actually trying to learn Italian in preparation for a vacation in Italy later this year, I’m going to see what I can do to write some lyrics for the melody part of this piece.  I also have a vocalist in mind – a young lady I know who is graduating high-school in a few months, and is a statewide top-ranked singer in many styles, including the one I want.  And the tone of her voice will perfectly fit this music.  So I’ll see if I can get her to record this when I have the music ready.

In preparation for recording vocals, I’ve had to get some more gear.  So yesterday, I went online and spent just under $250 total for what I think will be very good stuff for recording vocals in my home studio.

For the mic, I got the MXL 900:


I also got a heavy duty mic stand, a vocal pop shield, and splurged a little on a good mic cable – the Planet Waves Custom Series 10′ XLR mic cable.

I also ordered an acoustic isolation shield – this will help keep the recorded sound dry and crisp, without any ambient room noise or sound reflections:


I’m happy that I picked some really good gear for a really good price.

That’s all for now!

Musical Update

It’s been a while since I’ve written an update on my music, so here’s the latest news.  This post has all the music I’ve done over the last 6 months… with the most recent at the bottom.  Read through, listen to the songs, and enjoy!

Once I completed “More”, I decided that I’d do quicker and simpler pieces – mostly to just practice and create anything.

I acquired the Arturia analog synth collection, which is a pretty faithful soft synth rendition of a number of classic analog instruments.  I did a little piece, which I called “5cience” with mostly nothing but a couple of analog synths (Matrix 12 and JP-8), and another called “Little Rain Song”, also with analog synths (Synclavier and ARP2600) plus a rompler (Evolve) for the background sounds.  Also there is “Electronic Mess” which, again, is just me playing around.  Don’t remember which instruments.

Nothing really special, but here they are:

After those, I took a little break and then thought I’d play with Damage, which is a big drum and percussion instrument.  I also wanted to try something that was in 5/4 time, and see what the feel of that turned out to be.  “Majestic Mind” is the result of that:

That turned out to be pretty cool, I thought.

So, up to this point I was just doing quick little experiments.  For a long time, I’ve been playing with a particular musical motif, one that’s is part of the basis for a piano piece I wrote in high school, which also formed the basis for the symphonic band composition I created back then as well.  I was playing around with this motif one weekend while my wife was out of town, and “Beautiful Lonely One” was born.  This has turned out to be the most popular track that I created during all of 2016.  Here it is:

My daughter, Christy, who is a fantastic singer, has written a melody and lyrics.  One project for this year will be do expand this song and include her.  That will be really awesome.

After that, I wanted to try out a dance track, but apparently I don’t really fit in that genre… but here’s the start of what I came up with.  This one is a work in progress, and I’ll finish it out sometime this year.  This is the start of “Dark Streets”.

My son, James, is a big fan of Trap music.  I told him that I thought the music was very simple, and even I could throw it together in less than an hour.  Which I did:

Then Christmas came along.  I took piano lessons when I was about 12 years old, for only a few months.  One of the few things I remember from that was how to play a simple “Greensleeves”.  So, for Christmas, I spent just a few hours and put this together:

So… finally… over the Christmas break (last 2 weeks of December) I had quite a bit of time off from work.  Of course I spent plenty of it in my studio.  I wanted to do something “cinematic”, so I again pulled out Damage for some big drums, added the new Form sampler synth, and a number of my other favorites, and created “Life is Something”.  I’m very very proud of this one.  I spent more time on it than ant of the others since “More”, and I think that working on those quick ones in-between helped improve my skills so that I could do something like this more quickly than before.

I seem to like airy vocals and deep droning bass textures, and this has plenty.  For the first time, I’ve included “vocals”… in this case a modified recording of e e cummings reading his poem “anyone lived in a pretty how town“.  Cummings has always been my favorite poet, and I like how this one laid right into the track.  I did do a little editing for cadence, and added effects.

So for the finale for 2016, here’s my favorite: “Life is Something”…

Stay tuned for more to come in 2017!!!